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I a person of the United States... No score and ten years ago...
The answer to the "Why?" question: On The Road Again
Answers to your other questions (what, how, where, when...)
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Just a few more things...
April 8California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah
April 9Utah:
    Capitol Reef NP
    Glen Canyon NRA
Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado:
    Four Corners NM
April 10Utah:
    Dead Horse Point State Park
    Canyonlands NP
April 11Colorado:
    Colorado NM
Rocky Mountain crossing (11,992 feet)
April 12Colorado:
    Denver International Airport
April 13Colorado, Kansas: Talking to me-self
April 14Kansas, Oklahoma ("OKLAHOOOOOMA!")
April 15Oklahoma ("There's nutin' to see `ere!")
April 16Oklahoma, Arkansas
    Hot Springs NP
April 17Arkansas, Tennessee
April 18Tennessee, Mississippi, Tennessee, Mississippi, Tennessee, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Tennessee -- all that just to photograph one lousy sign!
    Mud Island
Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky: Six states in one day
April 19Kentucky
Kentucky, Tennessee:
    Land Between The Lakes NRA
Tennessee, Alabama
April 20Alabama:
    U.S. Space & Rocket Center;
    Tornadoes galore!!!
April 21Alabama, Georgia
    Atlanta International Airport
April 22Georgia:
    The World Of Coca-Cola: Tasted 39 flavors of Coke!
    CNN Center:When news happened in Oklahoma City, I saw it happen.
April 23Georgia:
    Atlanta -- riding the trains!
April 24Georgia:
    Stone Mountain State Park
April 25Florida:
    EPCOT Center -- Falling sick
April 26Florida -- sick
April 27Florida:
    The Keys -- sick
Key West
    Southernmost Point in Continental United States
April 28Florida
April 29Florida: -- REALLY, REALLY sick!
    Kennedy Space Center
April 30Florida -- getting better
May 1Georgia, South Carolina
South Carolina:
    Fort Sumter NM -- gettin' betta an' betta
South Carolina
May 2South Carolina:
    Patriots Point -- Just fine!
North Carolina
May 3North Carolina:
    Outer Banks -- 21/2 hour ferry ride -- getting seasick!
North Carolina
May 4North Carolina:
    Wright Brothers Memorial
Virginia, Maryland
Lost in Washington, DC in the rain
Virginia, Maryland
May 5Maryland
District of Columbia:
    Lincoln Memorial
    National Air and Space Museum
Virginia, Maryland, then all the way to Delaway!
May 6Delaware:
    Sheraton Hotel, Wilmington, DE
May 7Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia
May 8District of Columbia
    Arlington Cemetery
    Iwo Jima Memorial
District of Columbia:
    National Archives
    National Gallery of Art-West Wing
    Washington Monument
    Vietnam Memorial
    Lincoln Memorial
May 9Virginia
District of Columbia:
    National Air and Space Museum
    National Gallery of Art-West Wing
Saw Personalized License Plate #100 on this trip
May 10Maryland
May 11District of Columbia:
    U.S. Capitol
    U.S. Supreme Court
    Library of Congress
    Indian Embassy
May 12Maryland
District of Columbia:
    Smithsonian Castle
    Arts and Industries Building
    National Museum of Natural History
    Union Station
    Christopher Columbus Memorial
    Thomas Jefferson Memorial
May 13Virginia
District of Columbia:
    National Air and Space Museum
May 14Virginia
District of Columbia:
    Movie at Union Station theater
May 15Virginia
District of Columbia:
    National Museum of Natural History
    National Museum of American History
    Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
May 16Virginia
District of Columbia:
    National Air and Space Museum
    Movie at Union Station theater
May 17Fredericksburg, VA
May 18Virginia
District of Columbia:
    Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    National Museum of American History
    National Gallery of Art-East Wing
    Movie at Union Station Theater
    Memorial to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    Lincoln Memorial
May 19Virginia
District of Columbia:
    Movie at Union Station theater
    National Zoo
May 20Virginia
District of Columbia:
    White House
    Lafayette Square
    National Air and Space Museum: "Icing on the cake"
May 21Maryland
    Shenandoah NP
May 22Virginia:
    Shenandoah NP
May 23Virginia:
    Blue Ridge Parkway -- "Simply maahvelus!"
May 24Virginia,North Carolina:
    Blue Ridge Parkway
North Carolina
May 25North Carolina:
    Blue Ridge Parkway
North Carolina
May 26North Carolina:
    Blue Ridge Parkway
    Chimney Rock State Park
North Carolina
May 27North Carolina:
    Blue Ridge Parkway
North Carolina, Tennessee:
    Great Smoky Mountains NP
Tennessee, Virginia
Driving in Reverse on I-64 in Virginia at 2:00 AM.
West Virginia
May 28West Virginia
May 29West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio
    Movie at Powell, OH
10000 Miles on Trip #2; 200 Personalized License Plates collected on Trip #2; 25 States on Trip #2
May 30(written from Mandar's point-of-view):
    United States Air Force Museum
Hocking Hills State Park
Both with Mandar (The first person to accompany me on a portion of this trip)
May 31Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
June 1West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey
New Jersey:
    Trump Taj Mahal Casino
New Jersey
June 2New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
June 3Succasunna, NJ -- Nothing, really.
June 4New Jersey
    Independence Hall
    Liberty Bell
New Jersey
June 5With Sachin ("Person #2"):
New Jersey, New York, Connecticut
    USS Nautilus Memorial
    Mystic Seaport
Rhode Island, Massachusetts
June 6Massachusetts:
    Massachusetts State Capitol
    Old State Meeting House
    Faneuil Hall
    Paul Revere House
    Old North Church
    USS Constitution
    Bunker Hill Monument
    Fenway Park
    "Happy Birthday to me"
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Charles River
    Harvard University
June 7Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
June 8Massachusetts:
    Boston Tea Party ship & museum
    John Hancock Tower
    Bull & Finch Pub ("Cheers")
    Boston Common
    Hard Rock Cafe ("Massachusetts Institute of Rock -- No Drugs or Nuclear Weapons allowed inside")
June 9Massachusetts:
    Prudential Tower
    Bunker Hill Monument: Ate to my stomach's content!
    Harvard University
June 10Massachusetts:
    Cranberry World Visitor Center-Museum
    Mayflower II
    Plymouth Rock
    Cape Cod NS
    Herring Cove Beach
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey
June 11Succasunna, NJ -- a day of prayer and rest
June 12Succasunna, NJ -- a day of planning and rest
June 13New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Rhode Island:
    Marble House
Massachusetts -- All the way back up again!
June 14Massachusetts:
    Lexington NHP
    Walden Pond
New Hampshire, MAINE
June 15Maine:
    St. Croix Island International Park
June 16(written from Sachin's point-of-view):
    Acadia NP
    Sachin drove a "real car" for the first time!!!
June 17Maine:
    Paul Bunyon Statue
    Movie at Bangor
    "World famous Around-The-World sign"
New Hampshire
June 18New Hampshire:
    Mount Washington Auto Road
    Mount Washington State Park -- A bad hair day.
    Mount Washington Auto Road
    Pinkham Notch
    Glen Ellis Falls
New Hampshire
June 19New Hampshire
    The Flume
    Franconia Notch
    The Profile
    Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway
New Hampshire
June 20New Hampshire
    Crawford Notch
June 21"Montreal, Canada -- to go or not to go?"
Vermont, New York, New Jersey (Sachin drove last ~80 miles from Albany to Succasunna!)
June 22Sucasunna, NJ: I taught Sachin how to drive manual transmission car; Sachin taught Shilpa!
June 23New Jersey, New York (by bus -- me alone once more)
New York:
    Times Square
    New York Public Library
    Empire State Building
    Central Park
New Jersey (by bus)
June 24Succasunna, NJ -- first oil CHANGE on this trip
June 25New Jersey, New York (by bus)
New York:
    Times Square
    NBC Studios
    Rockerfeller Center
    Radio City Music Hall
    World Trade Center
    Battery Park
New Jersey (by bus)
June 26New Jersey
New York:
    Statue of Liberty
New Jersey
June 27New Jersey, New York (by bus)
New York:
    Walking tour (New York City, NY)
    Federal Hall NM
    New York Stock Exchange
    Guinness Book of World Records Museum
    Empire State Building
New Jersey (by bus)
June 28Succasunna, NJ
June 29New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York
I finally get a haircut!
New York
June 30New York:
    Goat Island (Niagara Falls, NY)
    American Falls
    Cave of the Winds Trip
    Horseshoe Falls
    Maid of the Mist
    Skylon Tower
New York
July 1New York
    Niagara River rapids
    Journey Behind the Falls
    Rainbow Bridge
    Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum
    Maple Leaf Village
    "Canada Day" fireworks
New York, Pennsylvania
July 2Pennsylvania, Ohio
July 3Ohio:
    Movie at Lima, OH --the best movie seen on this trip in a theater
July 4Ohio:
    Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum
July 5Michigan:
    Ford World Headquarters
July 6Michigan:
    Henry Ford Museum
July 7Michigan
July 8Michigan:
    Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum
    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
A spur-of-the-moment round-trip drive from Merillville, IN to Milwaukee, WI (through rush hour in downtown Chicago):
    Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana
July 9Indiana, Illinois
    Jackson Park
    Henry Crown Science Museum and Omnimax Theater
July 10Illinois, Missouri
    Saint Louis Science Center
    Gateway Arch
A town named after my brother.
July 11Missouri:
    Perry Plaza
The toss of a coin decides my fate.
Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi -- The Mad Dash Across America: Day #1
July 12Mississippi, Louisiana -- The Mad Dash Across America: Day #2
July 13Louisiana, Texas -- The Mad Dash Across America: Day #3
July 14Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri -- The Mad Dash Across America: Day #4
July 15Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota -- The Mad Dash Across America: Day #5
July 16Day#100: Minnesota:
    Mall of America:
      Johnny Rockets Café
South Dakota
July 17South Dakota:
    Corn Palace -- Bought 51 bumper stickers for my car, and I still have 2 of them!
Iowa, Nebraska
Saw Personalized License Plate #400 on this trip
July 18Nebraska, Iowa, Nebraska
    Strategic Air Command Museum (The USAFSACM)
20,000 Miles on Trip #2
July 19Nebraska, Colorado, Utah
Most number of miles driven on a single day on Trip #2
July 20Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California... Back home again! -- Then left home to go to Diamond Bar, CA
July 21Mission Viejo, CA
July 22Mission Viejo, CA
July 23Mission Viejo, CA
July 24Mission Viejo, CA
July 25Stuck in Mission Viejo, CA
July 26Stuck in Mission Viejo, CA
Left Mission Viejo
Driving across California desert
July 27California, Nevada, Utah
July 28Utah, Colorado
July 29Colorado:
    "The" Park... after a wait of 108 days, FINALLY entered Rocky Mountain NP
"I have climbed... the highest mountains..."
July 30Wyoming, South Dakota
South Dakota:
    Crazy Horse Memorial
    Mount Rushmore NM
South Dakota
July 31South Dakota:
    Wind Cave NP
    Custer State Park
    Geographical Center of the Nation -- Belle Fourche
Driving with zero hands and one foot (left foot)
North Dakota
August 1North Dakota, Montana
August 2Montana; A debate on whether or not I should drive to Alaska!!! Decided to go! Got maps, planned route, got ready to go!
August 3Decided not to go to Alaska.
Signs of car trouble.
    Glacier NP -- an excellent alternate to Alaska!
Car problem & 150-mile tow
August 4Stuck in Missoula, MT
August 5Montana, Idaho, Yet another crossing of 45th Parallel
August 6Idaho:
    Sawtooth NRA
Longest length of time without driving on any freeway
August 7Idaho, Oregon,...
25,000 TRIP MILES!!!
"Oh my life's changin every day... Every possible way..."
August 8Stuck in Richland, WA
August 9Stuck in Richland, WA -- the worst day of this trip
August 10Stuck in Richland, WA -- an emotional recovery
August 11Washington in rental car (1994 Ford Escort, 24,907 miles)
Just not the same!
August 12Original Expected "T-E" (Trip-End) Day...
    Mount Rainier NP
August 13Washington:
    North Cascades NP
It did not rain today!!!
August 14Washington:
    Museum of Flight
August 15Washington:
    Olympic NP
August 16Washington:
    Boeing 747/767/777 Division
August 17Washington:
    Pacific Science Center
    Seattle Center
    Pike Place Market
    Space Needle
August 18Accident in rental car
Back to Richland, WA... SOLD CAR #1
Don't you forget about me...
August 19Washington & Oregon in Car #3 with Person #3
    Columbia River Gorge NRA
Washington (alone again)
August 20Revised Expected "T-E" Day...
    Mount Saint Helens NVM
August 21Washington, Oregon
August 22Oregon:
    Crater Lake NP -- The bluest lake on this trip
August 23Oregon, Back in California again!!!
August 24California:
    Redwood NP
    Humboldt Redwoods State Park: Avenue of the Giants
    Golden Gate Bridge
August 25California:
    The most severe traffic jam on this trip
    Yosemite NP
    "The Last Supper" (Fresno, CA)
    Parixit's apartment (Moorpark, CA)
August 26ACTUAL "T-E" DAY (With Person #4):
End Notes
Life Goes On... Long After The Thrill Of Living Is Gone...
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