Richland, WA

Route Map:

(Map Copywright 1999 by American Automobile Association)

This was a "memorial" trip to the tri-cities area of Washington state. It was on the 5th anniversary of my leaving on my second big cross- country trip. And this was the first time since then that I came back to the town where that trip almost ended on August 7th, 1995.

The description and set of photographs of that original trip can be found through this link.

The first four photographs below are all taken at 4 memorable places on that cross-country trip. The yellow flowers you see in some of the pictures were put there by me.

"Welcome to Washington" sign on U.S. Hwy 730

The area in between the Oregon and Washington "welcome" signs.

This is close to the spot where my first car completed 25,000 miles on that trip.

The is the spot where my first car died -- after 25,015 miles on that trip. This spot still looks exactly the same, although the shopping center 1 mile down the road had grown quite a lot in the last 5 years!

This is along Hwy 12, just southwest of Mount Rainier.

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