California, Nevada, Utah
March 26-28 2010

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Selected Trip Journal Entries:

Friday March 26, 2010

8:39 PM = Left home
0.0 Trip miles
55693 total odometer
A much-needed roadtrip! First stop = Punchline Comedy Club, SF

10PM-12:10 AM = At Punchline. I had a front row seat so got "picked on" by all the comedians -- and "even" Sandy was great! Now I have no idea where to go....

Until 12:40 AM/68.1 miles = At my favorite place in the city -- Treasure Island. It's a CLEAR night and I think I even got a pretty good picture of Golden Gate Bridge w/ long exposure. Also a raccoon. I still don't know where I'm going, but I've got myself into road trip mode now.

2:40 AM = 207.1 miles = Gold Run Rest area on I-80

I've been awake since 7:30 or 8:00 AM

9:00 AM = Left rest area. James Bond theme on the CD is good for mountain driving. Stopped at Donner Lake, then ....

10:03/267.4 = The Silver State.

10:43/315.6 = Decision time -- 50 or 80?

10:54/317.4 = On The Road Again -- On I-80, mainly because of the awkward timing for lunch -- I'd get hungry precisely when there would be NOTHING on 50. Also, going on 50 pretty much decides the rest of this trip. I-80 gives more options, INCLUDING Bryce!

12:17/426.2 = Naptime @ Cosgrove Rest Area

4:11/600.2 = x333 @ Deeth Starr Valley.

4:26/613.3 = Back on I-80 @ x343. That was a beautiful detour!

6:18/679.5 (MDT) = Beehive State!

6:47-7:06 = At Bonneville Rest Area. 694.5 miles.

8:38/811.4 = Good ole I-15 South!!!

9:20/859.0 = x250 @ Payson. Checked into the Comfort Inn.

Sunday March 28 2010

10:30 AM = Checked out without having the "deluxe continental breakfast" because they only had it until 9:30AM and I was asleep. There's frost on my car and snow on the mountains behind it. I probably won't have chance to go to Bryce today but Zion is possible. There's also another road I've always wanted to try...

Left motel at 10:42 AM. 859.6 trip miles.

Started off on Mt. Nebo Loop Road -- closed about 1/4th way through.

11:07/867.4 = Turned around.

11:41/875.2 = Back on I-15 NORTH -- at x248.

1:28/1053.4 = Back to the Silver State and Pacific Daylight Time

7:18 PM/1461.5 = Back to the Golden State

10:43/1701.9 = Hwy 85 Almaden exit. The car was in "trip-end convertible mode" for all of 87.

10:52 PM = 1706.3 trip miles = HOME.
(57,400 odometer)

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