California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah
January 15-17 2010

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Selected Trip Journal entries:

JANUARY 15, 2010

6:55 PM = Left work
0.0 Trip miles
50,782 Odometer

16-year anniversary trip!!!

8:07/63.8 [miles] = Just finished the chicken sandwiches from today's work party... I'm gonna get comfy now.
8:12/68.7 = I'm comfy now! (belt off, shirt untucked, barefoot and nothing in my pockets)

8:28/87.8 = I-5 South -- I guess I'm going to Vegas --> Zion. It's foggy here, hope it doesn't get worse

12:51 AM/380.4 = Joined good ole I-15 North at Barstow. I'm on the same road as on that fateful night exactly 16 years ago -- and going in the same direction too! I had $6 in my wallet on that night (until I reached St. George) -- and I was also listening to many of the same songs on audiotapes that I'm listening to tonight on CD! That's a night I'll NEVER forget!!

1:13 AM/408.8 =
Yeah I'm a wanderer,
Yeah a wanderer
I roam around, around, around, around, around, around, around.

2:23 AM = 494.8 = Entered the Silver State, while remembering what was going thru my mind 16 years ago this minute...

3:00 AM PST = 537.3 miles = Passing thru North Las Vegas -- 16 years to the hour!

5:09 AM MST = 618.0 = Entered Grand Canyon State
5:33 AM/647.1 = Entered the Beehive State

5:47 AM = 652.8 = x16 for Hwy 9. $45.01 = 16.080 Gallons and a capuccino!

6:36/695.4 = Zion National Park -- still dark, I'm going to Bryce for the sunrise!!
7:02/706.6 = Exited Zion; dawn on the horizon

7:08/710.6 = RED SKY in the morning!! For the millionth time -- there's NOTHING like driving all night and watching the sun come up in the morning -- I'M AWAKE!

7:19/719.5 = U.S. 89 North. On to Bryce!! (even though it's after sunrise now)

8:42 AM = Bryce Canyon National Park. 779.1 trip miles

Went to Inspiration Point and SUnset Point. I had Sunset Point all to myself! No other cars, no other people!! Outside temp. is 20 F.

9:30 AM/783.4 = Left Sunset Point.

10:30 AM/831.8 = At rest area. Taking a nap here.
12 PM = On the road again

12:33/857.3 = Back to Zion National Park, in the daytime now...

EXACTLY 1 hour, 0 minutes and 12.0 miles later = Left park.

2:31 MST/917.7 = Was welcomed (back) by the Grand Canyon State. I thanked it.
1:54 PST/946.7 = Silver State.

3:37 PM = 1032.5 = Parked @ Riviera.

Saw Sandy's comedy act at the Riviera Comedy Club -- hilarious as always (and she got me in for free!). Won $203 @ Encore after that -- great night!!


JANUARY 17, 2010

Played Blackjack, lost $50 -- so net is +$153. I shouldn't have played today.

11:20 AM = Back to car. 1032.5 Trip miles. 51814 total. Now debating where to go for lunch -- the restaurants in Riviera suck!

11:38/1040.0 = Took I-15x33... I can be just as big a nut as the comedian I saw yesterday!

1:40/1118.4 = Entered California but there was no "Welcome to California" sign -- HOW RUDE!! Just a "Entering Inyo County" sign -- Not even "Welcome to Inyo County"!

2:00 PM/1139.8 = Death Valley National Park.
4:28/1221.4 = Left Death Valley National Park boundary (190 West)

4:45/1239.3 = Turned left on 190 (from 190). Owens Lake and the snow- and cloud-covered Sierras are on my right and front.

7:30-7:45 PM = In Bakersfield. 1408.7 miles. $62.58 = 20.063 Gallons. 460.6-miles fillup (and it was not nonstop/freeway miles)! "Officially", my car is supposed to hold 18.2 gallons in the tank. This is the most I've ever filled in this car.

8:05/1425.0 = Back on good ole I-5 North
9:59 PM/1569.0 = Took exit for 152 West -- is it me or has that exit ramp changed and become a lot more dangerous now??

10:39/1611.5 = Joined 101 North while listening to the "Patriotic" folder on the Roadtrips CD:
"Ain't that America,
You and me
Ain't that America,
Something to see
Ain't that America,
Home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me"

11:00/1636.0 = Almaden exit. This has been one of the most memorable roadtrips ever -- very fitting for the anniversary of THAT trip!

11:10 PM=
1640.3 trip miles
52422 total odometer


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