Nevada, Utah, California

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Selected Trip Journal entries:

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009

7:49 PM = Left Work. 36643 Odometer. 0.0 Trip "A" miles.

Filled up gas, got into "roadtrip mode" (bare feet, unbelted, shirt untucked, "comfy"), and joined 237 East @ 8:06/1.6 miles.

9:38/96.1 = Passed x56 for I-505 -- I guess I'm not going North --yet.


12:14 AM/245.6 miles = The Silver State.

12:54/292.7 = x48 -- I might go to Bryce.
But then got back on the road again

1:05 AM/306.5 = The stars are beeeautiful!!

2:45 AM/419.3 = x176 @ Winnemucca.
3:12/422.5 = Back on the road again @ x179

4:20 AM/501.4 miles = At a rest area for the night (morning)

9:07 AM = As I wrote in my Facebook page... "Contemplating whether I'm awake enough to reach the Wyoming-Nebraska border by tonight... Kimball, NE is 772 miles from here. Oh and I forgot my comb so I guess rest of this trip is with the window down "like in the good ole days" without caring what my head looks like!"

9:32/501.5 = On the Road Again with my window down

1:02/652.4 = Entered the Beehive State

1:10/662.3 = Parked at Bonneville Salt Flats rest area... Lunchtime.

1:54 PM = Ate lunch, played in the salt, and on the road again

2:58 PM = 706.3 miles = washed my hands at a rest area after writing "WaNDeReR" with rocks in the salt back there!

3:51/770.4 = Decision time: Passed x120 for I-15 North -- not going North.
Next decision time:
3:53/773.6 = Passed x306 for I-80 East; Staying in I-15 South -- not going East either.

6:11/945.1 = x132 for I-70 East! I changed my mind -- I wanna go to Denver now, not Bryce!

6:31/968 = Took x23 for Hwy 89 South -- Wanna go to Bryce, not Denver!

7:30-7:37 PM = Checked in @ Marianna Inn Motel in Panguitch

7:53/1040.0 = Goin to a very special place!!

8:06/1051.8 = Entered the very special place!!

8:18/1054.3 = Parked at Sunset Point!!!
Got some great night pictures for the first time EVER! There was some lightning too and I think I got a couple of those pics too!
9:40 PM/1054.3 = Back to car

Until 10:22/1060 = Watching fireworks, eating Subway dinner & listening to Forrest Gump soundtrack!
10:45/1080.7 = Back to motel.

SUNDAY JULY 26, 2009

8:55 AM = Left motel. 1080.7 trip miles. 37724 odometer. I dunno where I'm going...

9:14 AM/1082.1 = Left town, going South(/West) on 143 now.
"This is NOT 89" -- HAHA!

9:31/1085.2: came back to motel parking lot, connected to wifi on iPhone, and uploaded that pic to FB! Now back to 143 again (maybe)

9:43/1093.2 = Dixie National Forest
10:16/1117.1 = Cedar Breaks NM

11:21/1121.9 = Back to car at Visitor Center. Bought the annual National Park pass for this year, listened to a ranger talk about mountain lions, and more viewpoints... I'm starting to get hungry, need to find a town somewhere!

11:27/1123.0 = Left Cedar Breaks NM and entered Dixie NF again

11:54/1142.8 = Cedar City in time for lunch.
1:04 PM/1146.6 = Left Pizza Hut. Don't know where I'm goin.
1:09/1148.3 = Turned West on 56.

1:23 PM PDT = Entered Nevada, Pacific Time Zone, and Nevada State Hwy 319 all at the same time

1:42 PM = 1230.1 = Changed my mind, going on 93 North to (at least) Ely now...

2:16/1270 = It's raining cats and dogs (and bears)
2:19/1274 = It stopped raining bears, but still cats and dogs (maybe kittens and puppies) -- and it just stopped now.

4:38/1424 = The Friendliest Town on the Loneliest Road in America

5:47/1493.2 = Austin, the other friendliest town on the loneliest road in America!

7:10/1602.3 = Fallon...
7:58/1630.3 = "Here I Go Again" -- Entered good ole I-80... the first time today I'm on a freeway!

8:39/1678.5 = Back to the Golden State!

12:42 AM = 1934.1 trip miles = 38577 total = HOME!

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