Southern Utah:

Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park

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Selected trip journal entries:

Friday September 5

7:55 PM/212.0 = Took exit @ Hwy 58 (made good time with a red Honda Accord and a silver Taurus -- the Taurus is still in front of me here, the Accord went on I-5 South. I would've preferred the other way but this is good too!
12:11 AM/475.0 = The Silver State

Saturday September 6

7:00 AM = Woke up. 488.4 trip miles. 6172 total odometer
7:15 AM = On the Road Again, Utha-bound (feeling dyslexic)
8:38/598.4 trip miles = Entered the Grand Canyon State
9:00/628.4 = uTaH tHe BeAuTiFuL!
9:13/643.0 = Took good ole x16 for good ole Hwy 9
10:20/675.8 = Zion National Park!
11:18/687.1 = Left the colorful Zion National Park -- "God's Canvas!"
12:20/745 = Red Canyon...
12:41/758.9 = BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK! ("God's chisel" or another canvas?)

STUPID ME! I just realized all the times in Utah the Beautah have been +1 hour!

Took the Navajo Loop Trail to the bottom of Sunset Point - 1/2 hour down, 1 hour up. I think this was the 3rd time ever in so many visits to Bryce!
4:49/785.5 = Left Sunset Point
4:53/788.0 = Left BCNP
4:57/790.6 = Hwy 12 EAST (towards Captitol Reef National Park)
Beautiful drive thru Grand Escalante National Monument! Lots of viewpoints

Sunday September 7

8:32 AM = Started car. 914.5 trip miles. 6598 total. I dont know where I'm going today but Capitol Reef National Park is definitely the first place -- last time I was here was on April 9 1995! That was cold and road was icy -- today is nice and warm! Went into town to clean windshield, then...
8:46/917.4 trip miles = Entered Capitol Reef National Park!
10:35/948.7 = Turned around at other end (Eastern end) of Capitol Reef NP. Going home now but not yet decided which way -- 15/58/5 or 70/50/80 or 15/80... But Monument Valley is out now, North Rim of Grand Canyon is still possibility. Not South Rim
10:55/963.5 = Back out the Western end of Capitol Reef National Park (non-stop this time, but still took a few pictures) Decision-making time now...
11:00/967.3 = Passed Hwy 12 -- There goes Grand Canyon. Next decision-time in about an hour
11:33 AM = 6684 Total odometer miles = 1000 trip miles (near Hwy 24 m36.5)
12:01/1029.6 = Joined good ole I-70 goin EAST... for now
12:07/1036.9 = Took exit 56 @ Salina
12:45/1063 = I can see I-15; still deciding whether to go north (Nebo, SLC, salt flats), or south (Hwy 50)
12:53/1067.6 = $8.51 gas = 2.002 gallons only -- too expensive here. I think I wanna go North on I-15!
12:56/1068 = Joined good ole I-15 North! Lunchtime. The spectacular Mt. Nebo The Magnificient doesn't have any snow on it :-(
3:53 PM MDT/1281.0 = At I-80 m24 = Put on Roadtrips CD for the first time on this trip -- I'm hoping the timing will be right to listen to this whole CD for the duration of this trip! "Here I go again" -- Folder #1 Track #1.
Quick stop at the Salt Flats, then...
3:20 PM PDT/1305.0 trip miles = the siLver sTate
6:32 PM/1537.6 trip miles = Back on the road again after cleaning the front of the car AGAIN (did that on last fillup too)
Next stop = either home, Treasure Island, or ...?
7:30/1612.5 = Beautiful golden sunset for the last 1/2 hour! (near m135-->m95)
7:38/1624.8 = Dinnertime.
I needed to put the Roadtrips CD 1 hour earlier!
8:47/1711.7 = Back to the gOlDeN sTaTe 1236.7 miles after leaving it.
11:04/1873.5 = Took x40 for I-680 South
11:55/1936 = Convertible mode
12:17 AM = 1956.2 trip miles = 7640 total miles = HOME.

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