Vancouver, British Columbia: June 13-16, 2008

A spontaneous (TOO "spontaneous") trip up to Vancouver... I wanted a roadtrip, it ended up being to Vancouver... I met a couple of friends there -- and of course the chocolate was great too!
(even though the "wildlife" was non-existant this time, but thats ok :) )*

In both directions I was questioned extensively at the border crossing, and I understand them being suspicious of my
travel habits ("You came here for HOW LONG?") ... so I'm used to it. But on the way back, I was held back at customs
for more than 1 1/2 hours -- that was a bit too much. Its roughly a 14.5 hours drive from Vancouver to my house,
and I left around 8 AM on Sunday, expecting to be home by 10:30PM. But because of that 1.5 delay at customs and immigration,
my "home ETA" became midnight instead of 10:30pm.

Well, not quite...

I started to feel sleepy so took about an hour's nap at a rest area in Oregon -- making my revised "home ETA" 1:00 AM...

Well, not quite...

Near the town of Dunnigan, CA, I-5 was completely shut down (both northbound and southbound sides). Apparantly (I found this out
the next morning), a highway patrol officer had been shot and killed during a traffic stop, and the killer had abandoned his car and
escaped on foot. The police had started an all-out manhunt for the guy, which included shutting down I-5.

Needless to say this created a massive traffic backup... And I was right in the middle of it! Instead of reaching home at 1:00 AM,
I finally got home at around 3:00 AM...

If I had not been questioned for so long at the border crossing, or gone to sleep for an hour in Oregon, I would have reached home
a lot sooner...

The pictures below are all taken while driving (except for 6 of them), so that's why the horizons appear the way they do!
Also I'll admit I got a little carried away near my favorite Californian mountain, Mt. Shasta :)

Still, what you see below are the "better 88" out of the 177 pictures I took on this trip...

*: Inside joke

June 14:

June 15:

June 16:

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