August 27-29, 2004: Vancouver

After a long time, I took a roadtrip in the U.S. Actually, to Canada, and I went with a purpose -- to die! I hadn't died in more than 2 years, ever since my Northern Canada trip, so of course I was missing it! After setting up "an appointment" with an old friend up there and her new fiancee -- ok not a NEW fiancee -- just a fiancee -- I headed on up there! Dinner was at a place called the Cactus Club (very nice!), then it was off to die at Death By Chocolate. They had a lot of new menu items I hadn't seen before, and neither had Kimberly or Scott -- a sign we hadn't been here in a looooong time! Anyway, I had the "Latin Lover" -- absolutely the BEST dish I've ever had over there -- so far. In all my previous visits, Kimberly always used to have the "Broken Heart"... this time she wasn't allowed to have that, so she had something else.... Frankly I didn't really pay attention -- I think I was enjoying the Latin Lover too much! heh...

After dying we all decided to head on up to another old favorite -- True Confections. I thought I'd call up my brother and tease him by asking him which dessert I wanted to have -- "Lemon Heaven" or "Chocolate Orange" cake... I read the descriptions to him for both of them, and as I was reading the Chocolate Orange, we both knew -- YUP, THAT'S THE ONE! 7 layers of three different types of chocolate in a cake! Almost as delicious as the Latin Lover! This time though I couldn't finish it all -- in fact Kimberly was the only one who finished hers -- Scott and I took the rest of ours to go.

After a drive through Stanley Park they dropped me off at my motel at midnight... end of a wonderful night, delicious desserts, and gorgeous unforgettable scenery. Even the city looked nice! ;-)

When I was entering Canada earlier that evening, the guard asked me the purpose of my visit. I quickly replied "I want to go to Death By Chocolate." This turned out to be the BEST answer I could give, and he immediately started laughing and waved me through. On all my previous visits, they never believed me that I had just driven up from San Jose and was there just for that one night and would be driving back home the next day! Well, this answer worked, and I think I'll use it for all future trips from now on!

The drive back home was fairly uneventful.. Of course I had the chocolate cake from True Confections, and every time I started to get drowsy I'd take a whiff of that cake (packaged in a brown-paper bag), and that'd wake me up... I made it back home in record time -- 14 hours 22 minutes door-to-door. And in time to watch the 11:30pm broadcast of the Olympics closing ceremonies while finishing off the cake!

To Kim & Scott: Thanks for treating me at both the dessert places, thanks for the great time, and last but certainly not least.... thank you VERY MUCH for the Stanley Park drive... heheh...

These pictures are some of the most unique ones of any of my trips -- they're all terrible! My excuse is that these were all taken while driving....

If you're wondering what happened to the pictures of Vancouver, I didn't take any. I left my camera in the motel room. I did enjoy the great views! Like I said, "even the city looked nice!"

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