California, Mississippi, and a heckuvalotta places in between

Route Map:

(Map Copywright 1999 by American Automobile Association)

This trip was one I had been waiting to take for a long time. Not particularly because of the destinations (I did not know where I was going when I left home - and I really did not care), but more because it had been far too long since my last big trip. As it so happened, this trip ended up being the longest 4-day road trip I've ever taken -- so far. And as with all other trips, this one was also fantastic!

The mountains in central Arizona looked marvelous as usual, there was a carpet of fresh snow along I-40 in New Mexico, heavy rainfall through Oklahoma and Arkansas, gorgeous fall colors through Louisiana and Eastern Texas, AND -- I got back something of mine for which I had been waiting almost 2 long years! There was of course the usual crazy stuff I did while driving, but I made the mistake of telling two people some of the insane things I did on this trip, and I'm not going to tell anyone else now! ;) (If you see the quotes page that might give a clue.) I had taken my camera with me but did not stop anywhere to take pictures -- I was just too busy enjoying the scenery and also busy with my [un]usual driving antics. So that's all for this page!

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