Travel Links

Note: All the following links are listed in no particular order of importance, but general websites I've found in my own research. Hopefully they will also be useful to you, but none of them by any means should be used as "the ultimate travel guide" -- do your own homework thoroughly before leaving on your next big trip!

Three Fools Journey Across This Fading America - A Travelogue : This is a very entertaining (and at times, sentimental for me!) story about a road trip from Connecticut to California... A must-read for anyone who is planning a cross-country road trip and wants to get a feel for what it's like -- both the good and bad! (Good job, Chris!!! Your adventures hath inspired as well!)

Smithsonian Museums : Links to the web pages of all the Smithsonian Institution's museums in Washington, DC.

National Park Service : Homepage of the U.S. National Park Service. Contains links to the web pages of all National Parks and Monuments in all 50 states.

The Travel Channel Online : TV's travel channel website

Roadside America : A fun, off-the-wall kind of webpage consisting of fun, off-the-wall kind of attractions on the highways and byways of America

The Subway Page : This page contains links to the subway system maps of every city in the world which has a subway!!! Excellent resource to find out how to get from the airport to the city if needed!

Cyber Cafes Guide : A very comprehensive list of internet cafe's around the world -- for people like me who just cannot get away from the web!

The Paris Pages : The official website of arguably the most beautiful city in the world.

Sydney Travel Guide : The official website of arguably the most beautiful city in the world.

San Francisco Travel Guide : The official website of arguably the most beautiful city in the world.

Fodors Website : The official website of Fodor's Tourguides

Lonely Planet Website : The official website of Lonely Planet's Tourguides : Unbiased reviews of hotels, resorts, and vacations worldwide... Good "real" travel info!

World City Guides : Slightly more "brochure-like" than, but still good travel info for worldwide destinations.

World Wide Wanders : The site may be called "Wordl Wide Wanders" but it's not exactly worldwide. It contains traveler reviews that can be updated...

Art of Travel: How to get cheap airline tickets : Tips on how to get the best air fares! Excellent resource with lots of links....

Round-The-World Travel Guide - Travel Library FAQ’s : General information on round-the-world itineraries

Travels With Samantha : An excellent on-line journal about a trip much like my own. If you've read my book and liked it, then you will like this too.

Discovery Channel Online : Discover the world!

National Geographic Explorer Magazine : More research material for travelers

American Automobile Association : The official homepage of AAA.

Ode To Road Trips : A fun off-the-wall kind of a site made by another "serious" wanderer such as myself.

Guide to Rental Cars : Reserve rental cars on-line at almost any major city around the world.

The Weather Channel... Updated weather reports... 24 hours a day.

National Weather Service : This link goes directly to up-to-date severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service.