Web pages of people I know:

Amanda Haverstick: Another "Get Smart" chat buddy -- check out her drawings!

Amil Gokhale: My nephew, and also the youngest person I know to have his own webpage!

Ayesha Gokhale: My niece - the first 5 years!

John Mleczko: An ex-co-worker, current roommate, and a good friend

Matt Almgren: An ex-co-worker, fellow skydiver, and a good friend

Michael Thompson: One of the funniest people I know, and a fellow "Get Smart" fan.

Paul Chan: One of my co-workers at an old company I worked at.

Rajeev Karnik: A very good, long-time friend of mine who helps me to hang on to my insanity! He is not a "self-proclaimed lunatic" like me, but does come pretty close to it sometimes! This guy is also a professional webpage developer, and this particular site is the second-best webpage on the WWW (after mine, of course!).

Have I forgotten to include you? Send me a nasty email here telling me to add your web page so I can include it here. (it would help if you gave me the URL too)