Recent changes to this site:

Just like I-40 in Albuquerque, I-15 in Salt Lake City, The Alaska Highway in Canada, and EVERY SINGLE DAMN ROAD in India, this page is also eternally under construction, so please check back often!

December 20, 2011: Separated the 2011 page and created a new 2012 page for the world trip
September 30, 2011: Updated the Unplanned trips page with three roadtrips to Utah, Colorado/Wyoming, and Wyoming/Montana. Also added the India trip from April 2011!
August 27, 2011: Updated the World trip page
July 16, 2011: Changed the Home page "World" photo. The World trip page will be getting updated throughout the trip whenever I'm not lazy
April 28, 2011: Changed the Home page to add the World trip :)
March 26, 2011: Added Utah and Philippines trips -- finally!
January 10, 2011: Added South Africa/Zambia/Zimbabwe trip
December 7, 2010: Added Egypt trip
October 10, 2010: Added Utah trip
September 8, 2010: Switzerland trip
August 11, 2010: FINALLY added the Hong Kong trip!!! (and changed the homepage imagemap too)
August 10, 2010: Added Vancouver+Richland trip
August 3, 2010: Added Utah trip
June 16, 2010: Switzerland/Italy/France trip
June 8, 2010: Sydney trip
June 2, 2010: Philippines trip
March 26, 2010: Added Utah trip
February 16, 2010: Added Argentina trip
February 8, 2010: Added Florida trip
January 25, 2010: Added "16-year anniversary" trip to Utah and Washington, DC trip
January 9, 2010: Added something new in the 50 States page, added Africa page, and changed the Homepage picture
January 4, 2010: Added New Zealand trip
November 30, 2009: Added Peru trip
November 2, 2009: Added the Washington DC trip
October 12, 2009: Added last three weekend trips to New England and Utah, plus the Washington DC trip from back in April and the Utah trip in January!
September 8, 2009: Added Chile trip
August 24, 2009: Added the latest roadtrip to Wyoming
July 27: Added the latest roadtrip - Nevada/Utah
July 7, 2009: Added Switzerland trip
June 7, 2009: Added London trip
May 25, 2009: Added Switzerland trip
May 13, 2009: Added India trip.
March 28, 2009: Changed the homepage.
February 16, 2009: Added Paris trip
January 4, 2009: The "ringing-in-the-new-year" roadtrip
November 29, 2008: Added Germany trip
November 17, 2008: Added the latest roadtrip - Southwestern U.S.
October 31, 2008: Added last couple of trips
September 22, 2008: Added Northern California trip
September 8, 2008: Added Utah trip and a few other weekend roadtrips
September 1, 2008: Added Switzerland trip
August 20, 2008: Added Oregon/Washington trip
June 16, 2008: Added Vancouver trip
June 8, 2008: Added Yucatan trip
May 26, 2008: Added Edinburgh trip
May 20, 2008: Added a new "North America" subpage, and changed the homepage imagemap a bit
March 17, 2008: Added all the roadtrips going back to April of 2007!
February 18, 2008: Added Rome trip
January 1, 2008: Added Christmas/New Years Europe trip
November 26, 2007: Added Rio de Janeiro trip
August 31, 2007: Added a new South America trips subsection
August 18, 2007: Added a brand new "Horseless Carriages" section...
June 10, 2007: Added Eastern Europe trip
February 20, 2007: Added France trip
January 4, 2007: Added Italy trip
November 26, 2006: Added Switzerland and Austria trip
August 15, 2006: ADDED ALASKA TRIP!
July 7, 2006: Modified the homepage and the 50 states page (renamed from "Planned Trips") to add the Alaska page!
July 7, 2006: Updated Travel Links and Friends Links webpages
July 5, 2006: Added July 4th weekend trip
May 28, 2006: Weekend trip to Germany
April 24, 2006: Weekend trip to Paris
April 19, 2006: Added 11-year-anniversary trip
January 18, 2006: Added 12-year-anniversary trip
January 18, 2006: Added Italy trip
November 27, 2005: Added Germany trip
November 17, 2005: Added Smoky Mountains trip
October 30, 2005: Added Ireland trip
September 5, 2005: Weekend trip to Switzerland
September 5, 2005: "10-year anniversary road trip"
July 4, 2005: Weekend trip to Brussels
July 1, 2005: Quotes page Another 2 additions.
April 11, 2005: "10-year anniversary road trip"
February 23, 2005: Weekend trip to Paris
January 7, 2005: Added a new Australia Trip webpage
December 7, 2004: Added a new Guestbook
November 28, 2004: Added Frankfurt trip webpage
September 13, 2004: Added Berlin trip webpage
August 30, 2004: Added Vancouver
July 6, 2004: Added England trip webpage
June 22, 2004: Updated imagemap on homepage!
May 31, 2004: Added Washington DC
January 5, 2004: Added Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal trip webpage
August 31, 2003: Added Switzerland, Germany, Austria trip webpage
January 13, 2003: Added Greece/Italy/Spain trip webpage and changed the homepage with a new link
October 13, 2002: Changed imagemap on homepage again
September 5, 2002: Unplanned Trips -- Updated with journal entries going back to Millenium trip
September 4, 2002: Unplanned Trips -- Added Labor Day trip
August 22, 2002: Updated imagemap on homepage! (you've already seen it)... Also updated all the Links pages
August 16, 2002: Added Canada Trip pictures, descriptions, and route maps
July 11, 2002: Finally added last 5 trips' descriptions, pictures etc, going back to July 2001!!! Check out the Unplanned Trips page...
May 31, 2002: Added a brand new Skydiving webpage, with photographs and videos of my most recent hobby!
September 3, 2001: Addition in the Links page.
April 25, 2001: One addition each in the Quotes page, the Unplanned Trips page, and another song parody in the Poetry page.
April 14, 2001: Quotes page Another "super" addition.
April 14, 2001: Unplanned Trips -- Added the last day-trip, from which I'm lucky to return alive!
February 19, 2001: Links page... Added a link to my niece's webpage (and the webpage too!)
January 23, 2001: Quotes page Another 2 additions.
January 23, 2001: Unplanned Trips -- Added millenium trip
November 27, 2000: Quotes page Another 2 additions.
November 27, 2000: Unplanned Trips -- Added thanksgiving weekend trip
October 11, 2000: Quotes page Another addition.
October 11, 2000: Unplanned Trips -- Finally stopped procrastinating and added the last FIVE trips to the list.
April 26, 2000: Quotes page Another addition.
April 26, 2000: Unplanned Trips -- Two more trips, both very memorable. One sad, one happy.
March 21, 2000: Unplanned Trips -- Yet another one!
March 21, 2000: Quotes page -- This one sort of goes together with the most recent trip, the one listed above.
March 12, 2000: Unplanned Trips -- Another one!
March 7, 2000: Unplanned Trips page -- Added most recent trip.
February 24, 2000: Unplanned Trips page -- Added most recent trip.
January 24, 2000: Quotes page -- another one in the end!
January 24, 2000: Unplanned Trips page -- pictures from the Florida and Yosemite trips.
January 4, 2000: Added two more songs in the Poetry page
January 4, 2000: Added 4 more quotes in the Quotes page
December 23, 1999: Quotes page... A brand new quote that made me laugh hysterically! :-)
November 30, 1999: Unplanned Trips page... Addition of the most recent trip.
November 16, 1999: Unplanned Trips page... Addition of the most recent trip.
October 12, 1999: Poetry page... Added a new song spoof
September 26, 1999: Travel Links page... Added a new link to another travelogue -- a must-read for anyone planning a cross country trip!
September 19, 1999: Unplanned Trips page... Addition of the most recent trip.
September 19, 1999: Friends link page... Another link I've been planning to add for a long time but never got around to it until now.
September 7, 1999: Unplanned Trips page... Addition of the most recent trip.
August 25, 1999: Unplanned Trips page... Updated USA map in the main page.
August 22, 1999: Who Am I? page... lotta minor changes, including a new link to a poetry page that was really always here but never linked from anywhere.
August 11, 1999: Added a couple more things in the Quotes page (by popular demand).
June 31, 1999: Couple of changes in the friends links section.
June 31, 1999: Unplanned Trips: Addtion of a new trip. Also added route maps for all old trips that did not have maps before.
June 13, 1999: Completely redesigned the home page using photographs from previous trips.
June 13, 1999: The Unplanned Trips : Addition of another recent trip... and several photographs from previous trips, including this last one to Colorado..
May 18, 1999: The Unplanned Trips : Addition of another recent trip... keep checking back on this page often...
March 2, 1999: Finally found a relatively decent midi file for "The Wanderer", and it's now on my homepage!!
February 18, 1999: Added a new page called Frequently Asked Questions, accessible from both the Planned Trips and Unplanned Trips pages.
February 17, 1999: Addition in the Friends Links page.
February 4, 1999: Lyrics and Music to the song, "THE WANDERER" by Dion -- I've added a link in the Who Am I page.
February 1, 1999: Something new and different in the San Francisco area links!
February 1, 1999: Several additions of all the recent Unplanned Trips.
December 15, 1998: One addition each in the Quotes and Friends Links pages.
November 19, 1998: Links : A couple of changes in the "Friends" section of the weblinks pages.
October 15, 1998: Links : Several new links in the "Travel Links" section.
October 10, 1998: The Unplanned Trips : Addition of another recent trip... keep checking back on this page often...
September 24, 1998: Added a couple of more quotes in the quotes page. Also changed the color scheme.
September 22, 1998: The Unplanned Trips : Addition of another recent trip... keep checking back on this page often...
September 13, 1998: The Unplanned Trips : Addition of another recent trip... keep checking back on this page often...
September 10, 1998: The Unplanned Trips : Finally got around to adding the Ohio trip and Oklahoma trip pictures!!!
August 26, 1998: Who Am I? page: Added my resume
August 3, 1998: Changed the color scheme on the Who Am I? page to make it more readable!
July 24, 1998: Victoria Trip Pictures Finally got them developed and scanned them in!!!
July 6, 1998: The Unplanned Trips : More additions of recent Unplanned Trips... keep checking back on this page often...
June 27, 1998: Who Am I? : Added link to family tree (tracing back to the 1500's).
June 21, 1998: Links : Changes and additions in the Weblinks pages.
June 21, 1998: The Unplanned Trips Addition of maps for some of the Unplanned Trips; also an updated USA map for all trips.
June 10, 1998: Victoria Trip A journal of a trip to Victoria, Canada on the June 6 weekend.
April 5, 1998: On The Road Again : Complete with all photographs and links!
February 21, 1998: EVERYTHING!!!